Produce List

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Please see below for our 2019 Produce List. Each year we offer multiple varieties of almost every type of vegetable. Please contact us if you would like to provide input on what you’d like to see for 2020.


Arugula – Bellezia

Beans – Carson, Royal Burgendy, Jade Organic

Beets – Merlin Hybrid, Boldor Hybrid, Moneta

Broccoli – Burgendy, Gypsy

Brussel Sprouts – Jade Cross Hybrid, Gustus Hybrid

Cabbage – Farao Hybrid, Number 4 Storage

Carrots – Yaya Hybrid, Bolero, Berlicummer, Purple Sun Hybrid, Yellowbunc

Celeriac – Mars

Corn – Serendipity (sweet)

Cucumber – Eureka, Diva Hybrid and Tyria Hybrid

Garlic  Purple Stripe

Greens Mix – Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix

Kale – Redbor, Winterbor, Black Magic

Leeks – King Richard, Megaton, Lexton

Lettuce – Coastal Star Romaine, Sparx, New Red Fire, Adriana, Alkindus

Onions – Sweet White Wing Hybrid, Early Yellow Globe, Red Wing, Parade Organic, Red Tropeana Lunga, Patterson

Peas – Sugar snap

Peppers – El Jefe Jalepeno

Potatoes – TBD: something red, yellow, and fun

Pumpkins – New England Pie, Blaze, Carnival

Radish – Raxe, French Breakfast, Bacchus

Spinach – Space

Squash – Burgess Buttercup, Delicata JS Strain, Uckiki Kuri, Avalon Hybrid, Early Butternut, Pinnacle Hybrid,  Eight Ball Patty Pan

Tomatoes – Roma Supremo, Big Beef Hybrid, Country Taste, Marnero, Sun Gold, Beorange, Supersweet 100, indigo Kumquat, Indigo Cherry Drops

Turnips – Hakeuri, Scarlet Queen

Watermelon – Faerie, Dark Belle

Wrinkled Cress

Zucchini – Dunja, Spineless Perfection, Golden Glory

Herbs – Sorrel, Bloody Dock, Italian Large Leaf Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Hera dill

Please note the above produce list is based on what we are planting. The success and quantities of each item will depend on weather conditions, and other factors beyond the farmers’ control. We will do our best to ensure the products you receive are as close to the above list as possible. Please see our FAQ page or CSA Manitoba FAQ page for more information.
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