Meet Your Farmers


I have spent the last 4 seasons working at small ecological farms across Manitoba and British Columbia learning from the best in the biz. I’m excited to put my passion for good, flavourful food to work at Natural Collective and rejoin the diverse Manitoba local food scene. When not on the farm you’ll find me parked by a lake in my camper van, rock climbing at The Hive, reading a book, snuggled up with my cat or enjoying some small plates and wine at a local restaurant. 


I started farming adventures with Nick many growing seasons ago due to curiosity, and have never regretted it. Reducing the dependency on food transportation and integrating myself into the direct production of fresh, quality, local food has been incredibly fulfilling…over time I’ve begun to further recognize that there is a lifestyle and a rhythm in nature’s growing cycles that supports diversity, abundance, and happiness within all those involved.


I’ve been working on chemical-free farms in Manitoba for close to 10 growing seasons. I’ve been running my own CSA for over three years, and have learnt many lessons along the way. When people ask me why I started farming, I like to point to my desire for independence, my love of green things, and my belief in the importance of small scale economics…oh and then there’s my weakness for romanticism and nostalgia.