Meet Your Farmers

Nick Rempel

Nick has been working on chemical-free farms in Manitoba for the past five growing seasons, this year being his sixth. He’s now been running his own CSA for three years, and with many lessons learned he’s excited to start again on a better than ever 2019 season. When asked why he started farming he said: “it’s a desire for independence, a love of green things, a belief in the importance of small scale economics and a weakness for romanticism and nostalgia.”

Adam Pauls

Adam started his farming adventures with Nick six years ago mainly due to curiosity. With no regrets about that decision, he says that “reducing the dependency on food transportation and integrating myself into the direct production of fresh, quality, local food has been incredibly fulfilling… after a few seasons, I’ve begun to further recognize that there is a lifestyle and a rhythm in nature’s growing cycles that supports diversity, abundance, and happiness within all those involved.”

Connor Screpnek

Connor came by gardening honestly, tending veggies in the family plot as a child. After high school he did some work exchanges on farms aboard and got excited about the idea of gardening as a career. He pursued this idea by apprenticing in south western Ontario and there gained a finer understanding of the vagaries of farming. His last few years were spent as the Farm Operations Coordinator at FortWhyte Farms. It was a really unique experience working alongside youth and volunteers to bring the farm to life. 2019 will be his second season with Natural Collective.

When asked what keeps his interest alive: “There are a thousand ways to farm and a thousand things that can go wrong, but that’s what keeps it interesting and each season special.”

Derek Denolf

Derek grew up on a farm near Belleview, Manitoba. He’s excited to get back into the farming scene again this season. When asked why he started farming he said: “it’s because I think communities should be self sufficient. I love providing people with a food supply option thats healthier and more sustainable. I think it’s hugely important that we know and see where our food comes from.”

Derek and his wife Jess have recently bought a hobby farm acreage near Starbuck and are planning to host Natural Collective’s squash crop this year. And who knows, maybe now they can look at introducing chickens and eggs to the CSA?

Katie Daman

Though she doesn’t end up at the farm much, Katie helps Natural Collective with all things marketing including their website, social media, and much more. Her passion for purchasing local began in University while learning about business, economics, and the social and environmental impact every purchase has on our world. Born and raised in Niverville, Manitoba, working alongside Natural Collective just made sense.

When asked what she loves most about eating local veggies she says: “There’s nothing better than seeing the passion and pride involved in the work Natural Collective does. Not only can I trust what I’m putting in my body (to be free of nasty chemicals), but I can get answers to all my questions about how it’s grown!”