Top 10 Reasons to Buy a CSA

  1. Get fresh, delicious vegetables

We’ve all dreamed of going into our back yard, picking that perfectly ripe tomato, and then eating it the same day. Produce is undeniably fresher and tastier when it doesn’t have to travel great distances. With a CSA subscription, all our produce is delivered to you the same day that it is harvested – you get to fulfill your dream of fresh food without all the added work of planting, growing and harvesting it yourself!

  1. Eat a healthier diet

A diet high in vegetables is great for you.  If you’re trying to eat more of them, CSA subscriptions are the perfect motivator. An added health bonus is that all our vegetables are free of nasty chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.

  1. Become a better cook

Learn new and exciting recipes to eat through your bin each week. What better way to get creative and try new things?

  1. Support local

Local businesses create local jobs and have a higher likelihood of keeping that money within your community. A healthy local economy circulates resources among friends and neighbours, and is an important foundation of a socially sustainable community.

  1. Befriend a farmer

Farmers are the gatekeepers to all the delicious food you need to survive. Keep them on your side and they’ll keep you in the loop of what exciting and tasty things they’re raising for your consumption.

  1. Eat in season

Eating in season gives you a strong appreciation for the vegetables that are available and builds strong connections to the seasons. Nothing screams spring like asparagus and garlic scapes and fond fall memories associated with squash and leeks.

  1. Get heirloom and uncommon vegetables

Find produce in your bin that you can’t find at a big supermarket. These rare jewels come with a punch of style and taste!

  1. Shrink your carbon footprint

Vegetables grown in your own neck-of-the-woods have practically no transportation associated with them, when compared to their supermarket keen, which have crossed countries and continents.

  1. Food less handled

Supermarket produce is handled by many interested buyers before it reaches your cart. In a CSA, the only hands that touch the produce are the farmers when it’s harvested and yours when you take it home.

  1. See how your food is grown

Visit the farm and see how your food is grown. Show your kids that carrots grow in the dirt and cauliflower shade themselves with their leaves.  The garden is a magical place and we invite our CSA members to come out and see all the love that goes into growing your vegetables!


**Photo submitted by a CSA customer