The Spring Scramble

We’ve been busy for the last month.  Every spring we start again with a (mostly) blank canvas and scramble to transform our winter spreadsheets of planting dates and crop layouts into something tangible.  One of our first tasks was bittersweet.  We uprooted 150 asparagus plants that would have been harvestable for the first time and moved them from rented land to our new permanent plot.  The consolation prize was that once we’d hacked up each root into several discrete crowns we demonstrated the parable of the fish and loaves and turned 150 asparagus plants into 700.  Plus, we had some excellent help.

(Bram, Bramford, Peter Bramton pictured above)

Seeding got off to a good start, albeit slower than we would’ve liked.   Beets, carrots, radishes, arugula, spinach, swiss chard, garlic and some greens mixes all came up really nicely and are thriving.  The unusually dry weather brings a set of challenges to every farmer, large and small-scale alike, and this year that challenge is flea beetles.  Flea beetles pose the highest threat in spring.  They can easily take out entire rows of radishes, turnips and arugula before you even notice that they’ve germinated.  So we have large swaths of the garden under row cover, which keeps the beetles out but lets rain and sunlight through.  Our friends from Heart Acres have regaled us with horror stories about the beetles getting under the covers to munch on cabbage, but so far it seems to be doing the trick.

A few things of note:  We have inherited 5 adorable kittens.  They like people.  I have a kitten from the same mother and can vouch for the friendliness of her offspring.  But I can’t afford to keep them all, so if you want one send us an email and it’s yours!

(but think twice before you invite this dangerous alt-right cat, Meowlo Yiannopawlos, into your home)

And lastly, our garden has grown from 1.5 to 4 acres this year and as a result we still have room in our CSA program.  We’ll be offering $25 gift cards – redeemable for both veggies and chickens – if you (our members) refer anyone to our CSA. Please remind them to mention your name when they sign up.

Well, that’s all for now – back to the scramble!

Pictured below: The water/irrigation system that we’re especially grateful for this year.