Seeding is Believing

First, a small piece of business.  A month or so ago we posted a ‘last chance to get a CSA’ type thing across the various social media platforms.  As it happens, a rather large buyer was unable to follow through on their purchases this summer (no one’s fault, these things happen), so we now have space for another 20-25 CSA members.  So if you’re still batting around the idea of trying it out, now is the time!

Seeding is now well under way.  Onions and leeks are in, beets and carrots are slowly starting to germinate.  Everything looks good.  I don’t think we’ve ever planted onions without strong winds whipping me around, and this year was no different.  It’s fine though – the abject misery of planting 10 000 fragile little green strands makes the oniony reward that much sweeter when it comes.  Last year’s onion crop was underwhelming, so getting off to a good start this year feels like redemption.

Concerns over flooding have given way to frustrations with lack of rain.  2 acres of our 4 acre plot are irrigated, and that’s where we grow all of our high-value crops.  The sprinklers have been running steady keeping the soil moist for good germination and the pond is gradually emptying.  The 2 un-irrigated acres are dedicated to lower value stuff like potatoes and squash, which people enjoy but are used to paying very little for.  One good 1-2 inch rain would not only get the potatoes going, but would also replenish the pond, which is built on a drainage ditch to capture rainfall from the fields around us.

Thanks again to everyone who supports us by being a part of the CSA.  Your support has enabled us to play around in the dirt without the pressure of debt looming and keeping us up at night.

Yours truly,

Natural Collective CSA