Seeding Has Begun

Seeding has begun! The leeks are seeded into flats and herbs are on the way.

We’re experimenting this season with soaking our seeds before seeding and we’ve purchased a heat mat to increase germination. Any little trick is worth implementing if it extends our short Manitoba growing season.

We’re trying to grow as many flats of seedlings as we can in the sunny spots of our homes and contracting out the rest of those with greenhouses. We hope in the next season or two to build a greenhouse of own, but until that day we’re relegated to pay and barter with others to grow some of our plants, like the real heat loving nightshades.

Seed starting always seems a little odd when there’s still so much snow and so few signs of spring, but we trust in the knowledge that each year spring does come and if we’re going to be ready to jump into the gardening season with both feet we need to start our plants now.