New Land

Natural Collective CSA has finally made it through the agricultural adolescence of whiskey-for-land rental agreements and ‘will our landlord notice the tire tracks on his grass’ paranoia.

We’re moving to some land of our own – a modest 5-acre plot just east of Niverville! And we’re excited, for several reasons. We have a few more degrees of freedom for dreaming and scheming. High tunnels, a greenhouse, a small orchard, these are all things I expect will take shape over the next couple of seasons, though this spring will likely find us frantically digging a pond, laying out the garden and redesigning our irrigation system so we can get everything in the ground on time. Having a permanent location also enables us to be better stewards of the land. Small-scale farming is full of trade-offs, and some ecological growing methods, like establishing perennial hedgerows to attract beneficial insects or investing (relatively) large sums of money for good quality compost, aren’t always feasible on rented land. We’ll also be happy to have a 15 mile buffer from all the deer that must have forgotten to e-transfer us money for their portion of the CSA.

There’s a few other updates that are probably worth mentioning. Having new land means we’ll be raising 500 chickens this year, which you can pre-order here, and also running a winter CSA (details at a later date).

Want directions to our new place? Click here for a map.