Connor Joins the Farm

As Natural Collective CSA moves to new land this season and looks to expand its operation, it’s taken on a new partner.

Me! Connor Screpnek. I am joining Nick, Adam, and Derek in the Natural Collective family. I bring many seasons of experience with both plants and animals and a long friendship with Nick and Adam (we’re all high school sweet hearts – seriously, I love these guys).

My partner Lisa and I own a small property in Otterburne, where last fall Natural Collective planted this season’s crop of garlic in preparation for this year’s land transition. Natural Collective will also be growing herbs and a couple succession crops in Otterburne, along with some cut flowers we’ll be selling at our markets.

I am excited to be farming with Natural Collective CSA! I look forward to some long days of hard work and I look forward to meeting our customers and members at our markets and CSA pick ups.


  • Uncle Willy March 2, 2018 at 10:24 pm

    proud of our boy! you guys are gonna have a great season