About Us

At Natural Collective CSA, we’ve decided to dedicate our time and resources to ensuring that people in Winnipeg and the surrounding area have a local option for all of their vegetable needs. We run a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm funded by yearly purchased shares, giving you access to weekly boxes of our produce during the growing season.

Located on a 5 acre plot southeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, just outside of Niverville and on Treaty 1 Territory, our goal is to grow and harvest the best food possible and bring it to your door. Using no pesticides or herbicides, we want to learn from nature what it’s been doing from the start, and bring you quality vegetables and herbs from origins you can trust.

With enough support we hope to further diversify and begin to build a stand-alone, fully functioning diet that you can count on to feed your family. If that sounds like something you could get behind, give us a shout – Join the Collective.